Skaters of Suriname

The title sounds better in Dutch but the sentiment is there. This is the translated appellation of the song "Skaters van Suriname" by the Surinamese punk rock ...
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“A movie? Isn’t that a normal thing?” you would think. Well, not for Suriname. Wiren is the first big project that has been done in this country ...
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Sambel Trasie

After their start with short TV series, the group has dares to go for a theater show called ''Kasmaran'', loosely translated LOVE, which was held in theater ...
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Soul Riders on the Wild Coast

Where the Amazon meets the sea they come from the last bastion of freedom. Suriname, a former Dutch colony famously called the WILD COAST (John Gimlette) became ...
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Self-Expression through Fashion

The world is full of talented and creative people who are looking for ways to express themselves. One of the best fields to do this is through ...
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