Expressing Emotions Through Dance

The diversity of cultures in Suriname is expressed through multifarious ways: cuisine, arts, fashion and especially dance. The Indian heritage in Suriname, for example, is very prevalent ...
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Suriname Fashion Week

The annual event is Suriname’s only fashion platform showcasing Surinamese talents nationally and internationally. As a national platform, working with international standards, the team brings many talents, ...
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Cassava Yuca

In this edition we have decided to use Cassava as the main focus in our dishes. Cassava is well known in the Caribbean and throughout Latin & ...
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Suriname Chef’s Association

When travelling to a foreign country for vacation, there are a few things you want to experience like, adventure, arts, fashion, comfortable, and safe accommodations. High on ...
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Max Resomardono – Chef de Cuisine

Max Resomardono, Chef de Cuisine who will take care of our culinary page and will provide us with unique recipes you must try and share! For 15+ ...
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