: Tony Henneberg & Winston Gummels
: Karel Donk & Raul Behr
: Popular Places Magazine edition 1
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Hummingbirds, like the Emeralds shown here, are well represented in Suriname with more than thirty species recorded. An abundance of insects and flowering plants through all types of habitats will ensure that wherever you go, hummingbirds can be seen if you take the time to watch for them. Many residents of Paramaribo are proud of the colorful gardens surrounding their homes, so there is no shortage of food for these little gems and one doesn’t need to travel to exotic locations to see them.

While you look for Hummingbirds, take note of the many other species taking advantage of Suriname’s floral bounty. Picture of nest with hatchlings: Green -tailed Goldenthroat (female) and the other picture is a Glittering – throated Emerald (male).

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