Koto Museum

: Koto Museum
: Ingrid Moesan
: Popular Places Magazine edition 5
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A Women’s Treasury – A Gudu Oso – The Rich House. The Koto Museum was opened on the 22nd of November 2009. This small and charming museum is dedicated to telling the story of the Surinamese Koto, which is a traditional Creole dress. In this exhibition you can admire customs from the Kotomisi (creole lady with traditional dress). This cultural treasure cannot be wasted and allowed to disappear.

The museum traditional clothing, furniture and copper ware dating back to the late 1800’s. The museum is located in Paramaribo, a monumental building built around 1917. Come and experience a time when secret messages were relayed by color coding and secret wrappings in the traditional clothing and head wear.

Her Angisa (bonded head clothe) will reveal the sign and indicate her Lover to wait around the street corner. The Kotomisi also revealed spells, many times patterns that make you perplexed.
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