Nature sights

Brokopondo Stuwmeer

Just about hundred kilometers south of Paramaribo you will find the largest man-made lake in Suriname, also called the ‘Brokopondo stuwmeer’. This hydroelectricity water reservoir ...
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Commewijne Bike Path

Great boost for North Commewijne's tourism development with the restoration of the historical bike path. Entrepreneurs and residents of North Commewijne are getting ready for ...
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Mangroves are trees that live in two worlds One foot on land and the other in the sea. Mangroves thrive along intertidal coastlines of the ...
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Imagine a quiet village on a gentle hill Roofs mostly made of palm leaves, some zinc ones in between, widely spread underneath big trees. Smoke ...
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Birdbased Tourism

Bird-based tourism is growing so fast. According to one study, “Bird watching is reported as being the fastest growing outdoor activity in America,” while another ...
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