The First Radio Station

My father John R. de Bye was born on 5 February 1907. He started his career with the Lands Radio Service of Suriname as a telegraph ...
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International Women’s Day

8 March was proclaimed and recognized as International Women’s Day. A historical milestone in the fight for recognition of women’s rights. A day that is commemorated ...
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‘s Lands Hospital

‘s Lands Hospital formerly known as Military Hospital is the oldest hospital in Suriname and the city’s largest national monument. Writing the history of this Hospital ...
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Independence Day

On November the 25th Suriname will celebrate its 44th year of independence. Suriname was a Dutch colony until its independence in 1975. In 1954 Suriname transitioned ...
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Koto Museum

A Women’s Treasury - A Gudu Oso - The Rich House. The Koto Museum was opened on the 22nd of November 2009. This small and charming ...
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Fort Zeelandia

Fort Zeelandia is part of the UNESCO world heritage site in Paramaribo and contains a fortress and several small white wooden colonial houses, which were the ...
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