Tourism is a Science

”The global pandemic had an enormous impact on the tourism sector in Suriname” states Rabin Boeddha from behind his desk at the Ministry of Transport, ...
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Suriname Through a Camera Lens

+597 Photography showing the beauty of Suriname through the lens of art photography I was only 2 years old when I left Suriname. An age where ...
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Fabian’s Adventure

I am Fabian Vas and I wish to welcome you to the fantastic expedition that I was just on. The destination was the Kasikasima Mountain, ...
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Max Resomardono – Chef de Cuisine

Max Resomardono, Chef de Cuisine who will take care of our culinary page and will provide us with unique recipes you must try and share! ...
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Egon von Foidl

‘The key to success for Suriname tourism is branding, the key to success for a hotel is the people that work in it’ Egon von ...
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