: Tony Henneberg & Winston Gummels
: Rafael Jantz
: Popular Places Magazine edition 14
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The best kept secret in South America, according to British TV star Jeremy Wade after his visits filming two episodes of the smash hit series “Rivermonsters”.

Suriname lies on the northern coast of South America, and is its smallest independent country. Well over 80% of Suriname consists of undisturbed wilderness, making it a perfect destination for travelers who are seeking experiences off the beaten track and away from mass tourism. Birders, plant lovers, fishermen and foodies will all find ample fodder for their interests. Suriname’s spectacular rivers provide the access into the pristine forests of the interior, which are only sparsely populated by tribes of Amerindians, and the descendants of escaped slaves, the Maroons. The Corantijn, Coppename, Saramacca, Suriname and Marowijne rivers are the major waterways making their way from the hills in the south and central part of the country to the Atlantic coast. Most of the population of around half a million people lives in and around the capital, Paramaribo, which offers a nice bustling city experience and nightlife coupled with excellent cuisine and a fascinating history. The country is a mosaic of Asian, African, American and European cultures and influences. The official language is Dutch, but several other tongues are also used, all adding to the experience of a former colony and now a thriving country which aims to become a logistics hub for the region.
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