Hindustani Wedding

: Hilleen Neles
: Erwin Neles
: Popular Places Magazine edition 13
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Almost 30% of the Surinamese people have their origins in India. Because of their culture and believe they are simply known as ‘Hindustani’. Traditions of the old heritage are still very important in their culture today, though suited to a more modern way of life.

Girls are mostly free to choose their own groom, even though of course, both families have to approve. The colorful rituals and festivities of the wedding lasts two long days instead of being spread over the traditional eight, and take place at the family home of the bride. Every family member of the bride is involved to make the ceremony an unforgettable event.

For the bride, marriage doesn’t just mean choosing a partner, but leaving her family home to go and live with his family, who from now on will be fully responsible for her life and well being. The groom comes to ‘collect’ his bride and the brides treasure, accompanied by his father, uncle’s, brothers and nephews.

The women wait at home, to welcome his wife into the family at her arrival. The morning after the ceremony the parents of the bride literally ‘give their daughter away’. All this makes the wedding a beautiful and happy, but also very emotional, and by times even sad event.



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