Independence Day

: DBNL & Britannica
: ANP Photo Edward Troon
: Popular Places Magazine edition 19
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On November the 25th Suriname will celebrate its 44th year of independence. Suriname was a Dutch colony until its independence in 1975.

In 1954 Suriname transitioned to a system of limited self-governance with the Netherlands in control of defense and foreign affairs. In 1973 negotiations started with the Dutch government and the local political parties that culminated with full independence for Suriname.
The celebrations of independence are mainly held in the Paramaribo Presidential Palace, a grand co – lonial era building fronted by the Independence Square. The Palace is open during the day for visitors, and the president addresses Suriname with a speech. Police officers and soldiers parade in front of the palace, and the parades are followed by the presidential reception, open to guests. On the streets, colorful flags are raised on public buildings and private houses.

The national anthem of Suriname is called ‘Opo Kondreman’ and has two verses, the first in Dutch and second in Sranang Tongo (local language). The text was adapted and written by Treffosa, (also known as Henny de Ziel). The national anthem of Suriname shows the strong unity of the people and connection with the land they live in.


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